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SUTRA Pure Essential Oil Lavender kaya dengan minyak pati aromaterapi yang mampu membantu memberi ketenangan sejurusnya menghilangkan rasa stress pada pemakainya. Ia juga bersifat antiseptik di mana ia dapat membantu mengubati luka kecil, demam, selesema dan pening kepala.


Campurkan beberapa titis SUTRA Pure Essential Oil Patchouli bersama air secukupnya ke dalam oil bunnerdiffuser atau humidifier.


Bubuh 6-8 titis ke dalam bekas mandian.


Titiskan 6-10 bersama 1 ounce minyak zaiton/kelapa.

Pure Lavender essential oil is extracted from Lavandula augustifolia leaves by using steam distillation. This oil offers calming and relaxing effects that helps to combat stress and crisis. Contains a good antiseptic properties which helps to treat cold, flu and other ailments. Excellent for asthma and migraines. Also may help in preventing scarring and balancing the skin. Useful for digestive system and respiratory tract. Good for muscle aches and pains and rheumatism.


Add 2-3 drops to hot water, cover head with towel and lean over the bowl. Inhale the vapour for 1 minute.


Add 6-8 drops to a bath


Add 6-10 drops to 1 ounce vegetable oil (olive/coconut oils) and massage affected area

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