Makeup Artist: Ica 

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MUA: Ica

At the start, most of Ica's makeup skills were self taught. As a young teen Ica had acne troubles and started to research about skin conditions & treatments - also finding ways to conceal it. Whilst researching, Ica acquired & developed her makeup skills by watching YouTube videos.

With an increase in clientele she continued her journey in artistry by refining her skills - taking up courses & trainings with several local & foreign celebrity makeup artists. Her passion to make every women look and feel their most beautiful has been her number 1 priority. From beautifying brides, executives and stay at home moms to working on runways and photo shoots, Ica remains consistent and dedicated into creating the perfect look catered for each individual.

"When you Look Beautiful, you Feel Beautiful". Her favourite part of being a makeup artist is seeing the joy and satisfaction her clients express after makeovers.

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