At HalalShop, we believe that the Halal Market has potential to grow similar to the Islamic Banking in the financial Sector.

With many popular brands in the market, why halal cosmetics? 

Halal cosmetics aren’t new and they are making more waves now with eco-conscious consumers.

Halal simply means 'permissible' in arabic. Many cosmetics in the market potentially contain unauthorised ingredients or chemicals in their products.
Being halal typically means excluding those that use alcohol, pork or pork by-products and by-products of animals that aren’t slaughtered according to Islamic law. 

Halal comprises various critical aspects of manufacturing - from the sourcing of raw materials, production and usage of permissible substances, storage, as well as packaging in accordance to specific halal requirements. Each product from different continents has been review by their respective Halal Certification bodies to ensure it meets Halal certification standards. 

Halal beauty products also appeal to some non-Muslims because they involve ethical treatment of animals and they usually don’t contain harsh chemicals. It gives assurance to anyone using the product a secondary guarantee that the product contains no impure extracts and is non-harmful or toxic to our body.