1.Is it okay to use wool oil (lanolin) and is it considered animal cruelty?

No, it is not animal cruelty. Sheep's wool will keep on growing whether or not it is sheared.

By shearing, the animal is also free from carrying the burden of excess weigh.

Shearing is a painless procedure; like cutting one's hair.

It is unlike the plucking of 'down feathers' whereby the feathers are forcefully ripped off from the ducks in a senseless manner.

3.Are the cosmetics certified Halal in Singapore?

The cosmetics are certified Halal from their Country of Origin hence we do need further Halal Certification from Singapore.

4.Salam, I'd like to enquire about the shipping fee? Thank you.

Shipping fees are based on the actual total weigh of items; be it locally or overseas. 

Do try carting some items and key in your address to let the system inform you of the modes of local deliveries/mailings/shippings available,

as well as the total price overall. Total amount shown is in Singapore Dollars.

Do note that in cases of required exchange rates, it will be determined by your Bank and Paypal.

5.Hi, May I ask to see Wardah halal-certificate? Thank you.


Just as you purchase Halal food products from your Muslim stores, Halal Certification is not necessary as each Wardah product already bears the Halal Logo from its originating country.

6.Are the prices mentioned in US Dollar or Singapore Dollar?

All prices are stated in Singapore Dollars. We accept payment via Paypal for overseas customers. 

Exchange rates will be determined by Customer's Banks and Paypal.

7.Do you have store in SG so that I can pop by to puchase the product? If no, how fast can it be delivered upon order?

Halalshop.Sg is an online entity. 

For local (Singapore) consumers, you may choose to have them mailed via

- Singpost normal mail; 1-5 days (untrackable); or via

- Singpost Smartpac 1-5 days (with tracking)

or select 

- Local Courier at a minimal fee of $5.50 (2-5 days) - 10am-10pm; or

- Express Courier $8.00 (1-2 days) with choice of delivery timing in blocks of 3-4 hours

9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-10pm


*all Couriers are via external registered companies.

There is no COD available. All payments have to be furnished before your products are dispatched.

Self Collection in 107D (Punggol) is available upon request; prior appointment is necessary via whatsapp at 82282589

ps: We have testers available. Do make an appointment to test the products before purchase.

8.Are the cosmetics wudhu friendly?

All our cosmetics are Halal as they are derived from Halal Certified ingredients. Which means to say they are "solat-able" products.

HalalShop.Sg does not agree on the term "wudhu-friendly" as it is dependable on the thickness and is dependable on individual usage.

Some products are light while some are heavy. Some are waterproof yet some are water-permeable.

Even if it is categorised as "light", whether it is penetrable by water is highly dependable on individual usage - eg. Layering of makeup products may

hinder water to penetrate to the pores hence making ablution invalid. However, we would highly recommend consumers to take an ablution before applying

the cosmetics, and that if your ablution is still valid, you may proceed to do your prayers without any doubt after makeup.