WARDAH EyeXpert Perfectcurl Mascara


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Curl Lock Power to volumize, lengthen, and perfectly curl your eyelashes.

Formulated with halal Breathable Formula to use every day and enriched

with Argan Oil to give extra nutrition for eyelashes.

1. Apply mascara by using the curved part of the brush at the base of lashes and pull out in a zigzag motion to reach every last lash from root to tip.

2. Flip the brush so the curved part is faced upwards. Repeat the zigzag motion to refine each lash from its base; lifting and smoothly curving the lashes without clumping.

3. Add on until you have achieved the optimal degree of curl, volume, and length.

Tips: To remove mascara completely, get the Wardah Eye Makeup Remover >>> click here

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Mascara untuk melentikkan, menambah volume, sekaligus waterproof, dan mengandungi Minyak Argan untuk nutrisi yang lebih pada bulu mata

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