WARDAH Haji & Umrah Package

A package suitable for our Haj & Umrah pilgrims

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A package suitable for Haj & Umrah pilgrims to the Holy Land of Mecca.

Formulated with permissible ingredients for Ihram purposes (fragrance free) it contains all your daily necessities from a pH balanced top to toe cleanser to moisturiser, sunscreen gel and the all essential deodorant to feel fresh and clean.

Comes with a free spray container for zam-zam water to freshen up when needed, an easy to carry bag as well as a booklet to keep you informed of what to expect during your travels to the Holy Lands.

  • Head to Toe Cleanser - 40ml

A pH balanced multipurpose cleanser; as shower gel (body), shampoo as well as for facial wash.

Very efficient and gives a refreshing effect to a tired traveller. Non Alcohol. For all skin types. 

  • Deodorant (All day Protection) - 60ml

Helps reduce excessive perspiration and prevents body odor 

Feel comfortably fresh in any weather condition 

  • Sunscreen Gel SPF 26 - 40ml

Sunscreen SPF 26 protects the skin from harmful uv rays (UVA and UVB)  protecting the skin from getting burns hence preventing the occurance of premature aging.

Contains Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E to moisturise your skin & keeps it healthy.

For all skin types.

  • Moisturiser Plus -30g

Multipurpose Petroleum Jelly moisturiser helps to prevent chapped skin and dry lips.

Can apply as treatment for dry elbows and knees.

How to use: 
Apply on clean lips after shower or ablution 
Repeat usage if necessary 
To treat dry skin on elbow and dried-cracked heels, apply evenly to the area after every shower and before bed


FREE: Empty Zam-Zam Mist Container

A 100ml empty container for you to filll up with Zam Zam water to freshen up when needed.

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