WARDAH C-Defense Serum - 17ml

Wardah Cosmetics - Halal 

Powerful Anitoxidants

Hi-Grade Vitamin C

For a healthy look and youthful glowing skin

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Wardah C-defense Serum with powerful anti-oxidant Hi-Grade Vitamin C which has high penetration ability into skin layer, works in 5 synergically setps to deliver brighter, younger and healthy-looking skin.

-Helps to reduce melanin synthesis in the skin (pigmentation)

-Helps block free radicals

-Acts as anti inflammation that causes pigmentation in the skin

-Helps collagen stimulation synthesis and improves skin elasticy

-Easily absorbed into skin layer providing optimal activation of serum

Contains Prolong Hydration Biosaccharide keeps skin smooth and moisturised. The soft and light weight give a pleasant feel, leaving the skin soft and smooth with a healthy glow.

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