WARDAH Purifying Facial Serum

Purifying Serum with high concentrate witch hazel extract

For normal to oily skin

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$ 15.00

Face serum with active astringent helps reduce grease excess oil and dampen pores. 
Contains Witch Hazel Extract, Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E provides benefits to skin, keep skin moistened and healthy looking
For normal-to-oily skin
Contains concentrated Hazel Extract as Astringent that smoothen pores and reduces oil production
Other Ingredients: Seaweed Extract that moisturizes skin and reduce oil on face, also extra Vitamin E as anti-oxidant

How to use: 

Rub-in gently on a clean face
Use in the morning and night before applying moisturiser 
Can also be applied with mask treatment
Mix mask paste and a few drops of serum and apply as mask regime

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